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Fresh cherries – good stuff, let me tell you!

When we lived in the Flathead Valley of Northwest Montana, we were treated with fresh cherries every year. Many cherry orchards lined the shores of Flathead Lake and they would offer them for sale in booths along the highway. Some even offered “you-pick” opportunities, which we took advantage of one year.

One year we picked a large amount of cherries, from which my wife planned to make jam and freeze some for pies. When we arrived home, our friend informed us that we needed to cool the cherries quickly by putting them in the bathtub filled with cold water. Naïvely, we followed his instructions.  We watched the cherries floating in the water, wondering just how long we should leave them in there. When we checked them, most of the cherries had split open, frustrating us in a very serious fashion. We hurried to remove them and dry them off. We had been misinformed.

Today I looked out my window and saw two people talking.  I had met them the other day when I was walking my Yorkie. They are very nice people, but they are members of a religious organization that teaches contrary to the Bible.  When I saw them this morning, my first inclination was to be frustrated with them spreading their false teachings. My second thought was pity. They are well-meaning, but deceived. They have been misinformed and haven’t realized it yet.  All I can do is try to relay what I have learned to them, if given the opportunity.

“But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.” II Timothy 3:13.

 © copyright Kevin T Boekhoff