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I hate hearing those words. Now, I know that there may be a better way to do it, but something about those words brings out a stubborn streak in me. So much so, that I want to dig my feet in and do it my way anyway.  If those words are coupled with words that cut deeply like, “What a ding-dong!” My listener shuts down.  If the critic says stuff like, “Hey guys, look at how Kevin is doing this.” This feeling rises up that makes me consider a punching the jerk in the nose. But when I remember how that went on the playground in school, I reconsider.  Although, a little smoke may still rise from my ears.

The problem is my pride.  It’s very fragile and bruises easily. My pride doesn’t want to be reminded that it doesn’t know everything.  It likes to think so, but therein lies the problem.  Pride always seems to be involved with my rebellion and sin.  Pride thinks it even knows better than God and refuses to listen to God, especially when God says a certain activity is sin.

It seems that most people have this same problem.  Instead of listening and accepting good advice, they get mad.  Instead of listening to the Word of God, they get mad – even to the point of name-calling, threats of violence and even acting upon those feelings.

When God speaks to my heart, I have one of two reactions.  I either get mad or I listen and follow His Word.  If I get mad, things get worse.  If I get right with Him, things go well.  I still don’t like to hear, “You’re doing it wrong.” But I am learning to listen to advice and to God.

“The wicked, through the pride of his countenance, will not seek after God: God is not in all his thoughts.” Psalms 10:4.

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