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What’s the point? Does it really matter? Why not just live together? Who should be married?

God began the human race with a man.  The man had animals with him, but God did not intend for him to marry an animal.  He did not make another man for his mate. He did not give him a child as a mate. He made one woman to be a help meet for him.  To complete him. To fill in the gaps. God intended for children to come this relationship.

Marriage teaches two people commitment.  They chose to love one another for life.  God recorded the good and the bad in relationships in the Bible so that a couple can learn from the Bible what a mess polygamy causes.  They can learn how adultery and divorce complicates life. Love is not a feeling, but a choice. Feelings change from day to day, but commitment does not.

Marriage pictures the relationship of Jesus and the church (believers).  The bridegroom in Biblical Jewish wedding began with the bridegroom paying a dowry to the bride’s parents (Jesus paid that on the cross). He then would go and prepare a place for them to live (Jesus is preparing a place for His bride). Those invited were to wear the proper attire (those invited to the wedding of Jesus and His bride have to be clothed in righteousness – saved). They celebrated the wedding with a feast (Jesus and His bride will have a feast in heaven). The bridegroom and bride exchange vows to be faithful to each other for life (Jesus promised never to leave or forsake His bride).

The Bible clearly presents marriage as a loving commitment of a man and a woman for life.

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” Genesis 2:24.

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