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so what2

 The calendar in the church bulletin had just empty squares after August 31, 2014. It was August 31. Did that mean that there was no tomorrow?  Since there was no “tomorrow” it must mean Jesus was coming on August 31. I was just being facetious with myself, but if Jesus did come back tomorrow, would I be excited? Would I want to see Him?

Some say, “He hasn’t come, yet. Jesus is coming? So What.” That doesn’t mean he isn’t coming any more than when my gas gage says, “E” and I haven’t run out of gas, yet. This attitude can’t be too healthy in the long run, methinks.

Part of me says, “I hope HE doesn’t come too soon. I still have things I want to do and accomplish.” I know that most of those things wouldn’t matter a bit in heaven.  However, there are people that I would like to see get right with God. I have mixed feelings at times.

Jesus is coming! Yea, we don’t have to clean the house! Don’t have to go to work! No more pain, no more hassles, no more dealing with difficult people, no more sickness, no more Parkinson’s! I’m outa here.

Wait a minute.  Getting out of here is a perk.  Shouldn’t I be excited to see JESUS? Shouldn’t I want to see HIM? Shouldn’t I be excited that I get to spend eternity with HIM?

Jesus is coming.

…waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ  1 Corinthians1:7.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff