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 I remember how undeserving I felt that God would save me through the blood of Jesus Christ! I remember growing and learning about the things of God. I remember discovering things in the Bible. I remember starting to serve in different areas of ministry.  I can recall how inadequate I felt when God started using me for more things.

Sometimes the flesh steps in and gets my mind on me rather than on the goodness of God.  He uses nobodies like me. But pride steps in and gets me to thinking that it is all me.  Jealousy can get me defensive just because someone wants to help out. This mindset change occurs subtly. Once the phrase, “this is my ministry,” enters my mind, I must repent of the attitude.  It is God’s ministry in which He has allowed me to work.

I am learning that it is ok if God moves someone in to take over a ministry.  This means He is as work to move me into a different ministry.  He doesn’t want me to stagnate and He doesn’t want me to be self-centered. I heard a preacher say that we can do 98% of the ministry without God.  We just get good at what we do.

God wants to keep me seeking Him, not serving Him for my own ends. This is a daily battle. Self can get really annoying at times.

“For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.” Philippians 2:21.

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