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flipped out4

 Recently, late at night we heard some yelling outside.  A man was walking down the street, failing his arms around yelling stuff like, “You might as well kill me!” The rest of his verbalizations consisted of swearing and cursing. He continued flipping out in a vacant field.  He continued hollering as loud as possible until most of the police force arrived (must have been a slow night).  Shortly after the yelling stopped. I don’t know whether they arrested him or just got him to be quiet.

He reminded me of what the demoniac of Gedara must have sounded like. How disconcerting it would have been to live nearby and hear him.  Jesus came along and cast out the demons and ministered to the man. The odd thing is that instead of rejoicing, the people were afraid.  Instead of enjoying peaceful nights, they laid awake missing the mournful sounds of the demoniac.

I think everyone has gotten so stressed or upset at times that they have flipped out.  I know I have. When this happens I just need to look around and see that Jesus has arrived to quiet me down. I understand the terminology that when a person is angry or flipping out, it makes him/her look mad.  Crazy mad.

“And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.” Mark 5:5.

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