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Got it

“Junior” had wasted all his money. He found himself friendless. Life had gotten so hard. He could not find joy anywhere. He had taken a lousy job, with lousy pay, working for a lousy boss. Every night as he lay alone waiting for sleep, he would count regrets instead of sheep. He yearned for his mother’s meals, his own bed, clean clothes – all the things he took for granted. Oh, how he wished he had never left.

As the days turned into weeks, he slowly began to realize that all he needed to do is swallow his pride and go home. Night after night, he wrestled with this idea. But what would people think? What would his father say? He didn’t want to hear their “preaching.” How embarrassing to surrender and come home! Yet, how silly to continue living in Stupidville.

Then one night he decided that when he arose in the morning, he would quit his job and go home to his father.  He planned on confessing his sin to God and his Dad. He fell asleep contentedly for the first time in months, or was it years? He was happy to be leaving Stupidville.

It still amazes me how my pride will keep me living in Stupidville! How difficult, yet so easy is repentance! How much better it is living with my Heavenly Father!

“I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee,” Luke 15:18.


© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff