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(Be sure to read this paragraph with the best old man voice you can think of) “I had been fishing all day in my little aluminum boat with the five horse motor. You know the one. I saw some clouds in the distance, but the fish had just started biting. I knew better than to wait, but I did anyway. Suddenly, the wind started blowing so hard I lost my lucky fishing hat. And the thunder and lightning! The way I figured it, I had two choices. Go with the wind and end up who-knows-where, or go into the wind to get to my camper. The white caps were getting bigger. I couldn’t go crosswise to the waves or the boat would flip over. So, I pointed the nose of the boat into the wind. Only thing was, I had to sit way in back by the motor. The wind would take the boat and flip it around. I was scared, let me tell you. You shoulda been there – up in front to hold it down. I fought the storm for I don’t know how long. I eventually made it to my camper all wet and weary.”

I thought of this story that an old timer had related to me (or something pretty close to it anyway). I understand the swells in the ocean are much much bigger than what old timer experience. I’ve never experienced anything like the storm God sent for Jonah. The kind that threatened the integrity of the ship.

As I thought on this I pictured God saying to Jonah, “So you think you can get away? Watch this.” I am learning that God can send a storm in my life because of poor decisions on my part. It’s better to learn from someone else than through storms. If it can happen to Jonah, it can happen to me.

“But the LORD sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was like to be broken.” Jonah 1:4.


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