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Act of God

We bought our first house through a deal where the buyer did some “sweat equity.” We had to paint it, put in the lawn etc. We felt the split foyer was just the ticket for us to begin our family. They even let us pick out the lot in the subdivision. We chose one on the top of a hill. The only problem with that was when the wind blew we experienced the full force of it.

We could watch the wind move the outer portion 4×8 living room window in and out. Since the builder installed this large window with only four clips, the wind worked it loose. One windy day, the 4×8 outer part blew out and hit my pickup. So what’s a guy to do? Call the insurance company.

“That was an act of God,” the adjuster said when he surveyed the damage. “That couldn’t happen otherwise.”

“Seriously? It was just a windy day in South Dakota.” We ended up going to small claims court and the builder had to pay for the damages to my truck and replace the window due to shoddy workmanship. The judge didn’t blame God for it.

It is interesting that when the seaman threw Jonah overboard, the sea calmed down immediately. This was truly an act of God. The severe storm had agitated the ocean until the waves were probably 20 feet high or more. The water doesn’t calm right away even if the wind stopped suddenly. Only God could calm the swells just like that.

“So they took up Jonah, and cast him forth into the sea: and the sea ceased from her raging.” Jonah 1:15.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff