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Just like that

“God can change your circumstances like that,” a man told me as his snapped his fingers in demonstration of speed.

I agreed with him, but somehow the statement frustrated me more than it comforted me. I knew that God could do that, but He hadn’t gotten around to it. We were going through very stormy times. It always seemed that hard times hung around longer than good times.

How wonderful when the storm is over! I am almost in shock when it happens and it takes a while to adjust my thinking. It is a blessing to be blessed!

Jonah had left the decision of throwing him overboard to the sailors. What a jerk! They didn’t want to do so, but finally did. They figured that the storm would slowly die down and the swells would keep pounding the boat for some time. However, as soon as Jonah hit the water the sea instantly became calm – just like that. They were leaning into the wind and rain, when it stopped so suddenly they all fell down. This is what shocked them. The goodness of God had brought them to repentance.

“Or despisest thou the riches of his goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?” Romans 2:4.

How often do I forget that God is still on the throne and able to calm the storm in my life instantly?  Just like that! When He does completely and utterly end the hurricane of trials, I certainly should notice and repent of the action that brought the storm in the first place.

 “Then the men feared the LORD exceedingly, and offered a sacrifice unto the LORD, and made vows.” Jonah 1:16.

© copyright Kevin T Boekhoff