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Poochie Lip

What is God’s will? I don’t know how many times I expected God to do something the way I wanted. I knew just how it should work, yet God did it differently. During the process, I didn’t understand what God was doing, so I got frustrated and upset.

If I had a choice I wouldn’t have chosen life with Parkinson’s, but God knew better. He wanted to make me better not bitter. Parkinson’s has changed the course of my life and helped me grow spiritually. It has opened many doors that I wouldn’t have even attempted to open without it.

I know many people with chronic illness that are bitter. They are so angry with God. Their desire is to see the disease destroyed, not to see God use it to make them more Christ-like. It is easy to fall into this trap. May I encourage anyone reading this to trust Christ. Trust Him as Savior. Trust Him with your life.

Jonah never wanted to see the Assyrians saved. He wanted to see them destroyed. That is what he preached. So, he sat down to see if God would destroy them or not. In fact, He expected to watch the destruction from a safe distance. He expected to be there a while because he built a shelter. He was mad at God and He just couldn’t believe God would save the evil ones.

“So Jonah went out of the city, and sat on the east side of the city, and there made him a booth, and sat under it in the shadow, till he might see what would become of the city.” Jonah 4:5.

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