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I’m on a good fuss here, don’t you dare solve my problem. I don’t want to waste a good fuss.

I have always made my cinnamon toast a particular way and with good reason. Then I got married and my wife holds to a different way. This has been an issue all through our marriage. We have not sought counseling over it because I don’t want the problem solved. I want to fuss about it.

I toast the bread just so, then apply butter, cinnamon and then the sugar. My reasoning is that if the cinnamon is left until last, it will fly up in one’s face if one happens to exhale with the toast too close to his/her face. This can cause sneezing, blinking and tearing of the eyes. My reasoning is sound. Don’t mess with perfection.

My wife feels that the proper sequence of toppings is butter, sugar and cinnamon. She has no defense for this other than, “that’s the way it’s done.” Since I don’t consider that a proper explanation, I feel I have won the argument.

However, someone once related a solution for the matter. The said to mix the cinnamon and sugar and put it in a shaker bottle. Just butter the toast and shake on the mixture. Sigh. That ruins a good fuss.

Sometimes in life I find myself wanting to fuss and complain about politics, boneheads, soggy french-fries, red lights and other stuff. When I am fussing I find I want to fuss. I don’t want anyone to solve the problem. And then I read this verse. Problem solved.

Maybe I can fuss about nothing to fuss about.

“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.” John 14:1.

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