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Talent Show Judges

I thoroughly enjoy doing ventriloquism, but I hate practice. I am very susceptible to distractions and procrastination ploys during practice. What are the neighbor’s dogs barking at? What is that machine running outside? I should stop and appreciate the sunshine. I should run to the store to get that thingamajig.

While practice is work, I dislike messing up even more because I wasn’t prepared (I’m not talking about the cognitive aspect of Parkinson’s). I know that if I was to appear on a TV talent show I would practice more because I would be competing against those with more talent and before tough judges. I would work to impress them.

I imagine appearing before them. Will I make it through the skit without them hitting the buzzer? If so, what will they say? Will I hear good things or bad things? Did I prepare good enough?

James brought up applying that idea to my life. Am I striving to speak and do things as if I will appear before a judgment seat? The Bible says I will. Am I letting life distract me? Does it look to others like I care about success? Does my life inspire others? Is my personal conduct consistent with my speech?

 “So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty.” James 2:12.

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