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I hate the feeling of electrical current flowing through my person.

I had to replace an outlet in the house. I diligently looked at the breaker box and flipped off the appropriate breaker for the outlets in the family room. I then confidently removed the cover and began working on the outlet, which was so old it fell apart. About then I felt that very unpleasant and scary sensation of electricity. I had visions of my hair going up in smoke before I could get detached from the wiring. Since I was afraid of it happening again, I set out to determine which breaker really broke the current. I was afraid of having it happen again. It turned out to be a separate circuit with surprise outlets throughout the house.

Being afraid can be a good thing – if I am afraid of the right thing. Being afraid of electrocution encourages me to turn off a breaker BEFORE I get shocked. Being afraid of the judgment of God is a good motivator, too.

A paraphrase of this verse in application to me: “For God shall have judgment without mercy to Kevin who had shown no mercy to others. But if Kevin has shown mercy, then mercy rejoices in judgment.” In other words, if I have shown mercy, I can expect mercy. I shall reap what I have sown. Thus, the idea of judgment can be something to fear or something to welcome.

The question today is: if I am afraid, why am I afraid? What a motivator!

“For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment.” James 2:13.

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