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“Hey, Dude! You are the greatest! You are probably the most humble person in the neighborhood, certainly in your church. You know, I have never met anyone as humble as you. I am sure people notice and wish they could be you,” Pride informed me.

I stood up tall, squared my shoulders and said, “No kidding? I’m sure you are right.” I debated whether to tell my wife. But, hey, she already knows. I thought about getting a ladder, climbing up on the roof and shouting the news to my neighbors. “I am the most humble person in the neighborhood! Probably in the world! I don’t wanna brag, but…”

At my age, I wouldn’t think I would fall for Pride’s nonsense. But I do. Then God humbles me. I hate it when God humbles me. It is embarrassing and can hurt. If I had shouted from the rooftop, I could have been pelted with rotten apples, pinecones or rocks. The cops could have come and then the news crew.

James is alerting me to the fact that it is evil when I boast. It’s even worse when I rejoice in my own boasting. So, it is better not to listen to Pride.

When I notice Pride sneaking up, I need to kick him out. When those prideful thoughts occur, I need to squelch them and repent right then. Otherwise, I will think highly of myself, boast and even rejoice in my boasting.

 “But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil.” James 4:16.

© copyright 2016 Kevin T Boekhoff