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Years ago, we had some Laotian neighbors. They had immigrated to the USA many years before. I visited with Wong every now and then. On one of these visits, I noticed that they had retained many of their ways. They had very little furniture, they simply sat on the floor cross-legged. How uncomfortable!

While there Wong’s wife offered me some garden goods. Thinking like an American, thinking they needed the stuff more than we did, I said, “Thank you, but no thanks.” She took this as an insult that her garden goods were no good. She fussed at me in English and in Laotian. She was upset! She never let this go and fussed at me whenever she saw me talking with Wong.

I was thinking this morning how often I do this with God. I wonder how often He wants to give me a blessing but I turn it down. Sometimes I think I do not deserve it. Sometimes I fail to realize that God is working through someone, whether a Christian or not to bless me. Many times I need to accept their gift without feeling I need to reciprocate. Since I do not want to take advantage of someone, I need God’s wisdom regarding their generosity.

God loves blessing His children because He loves them. God rejoices when they receive blessings without balking. He grieves when they reject them.

I can be so daffy at times.

He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation Psalm 24:5.